Emily Nkosi

Research Associate

Emily is a team builder, social strategist and relentless optimist who relies on her authenticity and comfort with vulnerability to relate to others and create spaces for others to do the same. Beyond her work with Rankin & Associates, she works at UMass Amherst in Student Affairs and Technology Services where she ensures that Student Affairs IT systems integrate and perform effectively on campus. She also creates meaningful digital media and web content for social change and women's leadership development.

Emily began her undergraduate career at Baylor University as a student-athlete. While at Baylor, she was named the Final Four All-Tournament Team and was a member of the 2005 NCAA Women's Basketball National Championship Team. She currently volunteers with the Baylor campus community to develop inclusive policy for LGBTQI people and provide direct support to students, faculty and administrators to enhance support for LGBTQI student's mental health and well being.

Emily loves learning. She is currently working toward a Master's of Social Work with an emphasis on LBGTQI people, spirituality and trauma. She holds a Master's of Science from Smith College and Bachelor's in Systems of Difference from UMass Amherst. She is an avid audiobook reader and always engaged some type of learning experience.

Her passion and professional focus is to contribute to well being of LGTBQI people through policy changes, public awareness and creating transformative educational experiences for allies, families and young LGBTQI people.

A native Texan, she lives with her wife, Ashley, their child, Galileo, in Western Mass where they deeply appreciate and actively seek the rich diversity the community has to offer.