Dan Merson speaking
Genevieve Weber & Julie A. Del Giorno
Sue Speaking at Ithaca College - photo by Fernando Ferraz
team members at retreat
Rankin & Associates team
Sue and team at staff retreat


One of the primary missions of educational institutions is unearthing and distributing knowledge.

Academic communities expend a great deal of effort fostering an environment where this mission is nurtured, with the understanding that institutional climate has a profound effect on the academic community's ability to excel in research and scholarship.

Recent investigations suggest that the climate on campuses not only affects the creation of knowledge, but also has a significant impact on members of the academic community who, in turn, contribute to the creation of the campus environment.

Therefore, preserving a climate that offers equal learning opportunities for all students and academic freedom for all faculty in an environment free from discrimination should be one of the primary responsibilities of educational institutions.

Rankin & Associates provides institutions with an examination of their current campus culture and provides a strategic plan to lay the groundwork for future initiatives, leading to institutional transformation via maximizing equity.