Jordan S. West

Research Associate - Qualitative Specialist

Jordan S. West is a Research Associate with Rankin & Associates and has been working with the company since 2010. Jordan is currently the Senior Diversity and Inclusion Training Specialist at Princeton University. In this role, Jordan is responsible for creating and implementing practices at Princeton University that will continue to shift the campus towards a more positive and just climate.

Jordan is a formally trained diversity and inclusion facilitator and has been part of several national opportunities to facilitate and engage around justice. Prior to joining Princeton University, Jordan worked in the Division of Student Affairs at Syracuse University where she directed a dialogue program entitled Conversations About Race & Ethnicity (C.A.R.E.). In this position, Jordan created a 6-week curriculum that engaged students, faculty, and staff in meaningful, critical, and urgent conversations about race and ethnicity. During her time at Syracuse, Jordan also served on the Chancellor’s Workgroup on Diversity and Inclusion and the Senior Vice President’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion.

Jordan is a doctoral candidate in Cultural Foundations of Education and received her Certificate of Advanced Studies in Women and Gender Studies in May 2016, both at Syracuse University. Jordan earned her Master’s degree in College Student Affairs – with an emphasis on social justice in higher education at The Pennsylvania State University. Jordan earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at the University of Maryland College Park. Jordan is also involved with the American College Personnel Association (ACPA), where she serves in multiple leadership capacities related to equity and inclusion. Jordan’s experience and continued research interests focus on critical pedagogy, campus racial climate, narrative and storytelling as a method, and racial violence on People of Color in Higher Education.